Photographing has been in my life for a long time, some years with more interest and other years with less. The gallery consists of photos from 2007 to today.

My eyes opened for photographing in 2007 when I got my first digital camera and started to explore the possibilities. In 2009 I got my current camera, a Nikon D60, and my enthusiasm grew rapidly for experimenting with colors and light, both inside and outside. Horses are and have always been a big part of my life so naturally I have shot many competitions and sold quite a few pictures. The album Butterfly is dedicated to my pony that I lost in 2010. The following year I shot several photography projects in school and one of them is named Horses in other angles and featured here. The album Julea is dedicated to my horse which I lost in 2011. The years after that consisted of a variety of snaps where nature and animals are the major theme, but there was also a very worthwhile experience to shoot a wedding in 2014. There is an album dedicated to my horse Lekapso who I unfortunately lost that year. The past year consisted mainly of pictures of dogs, especially my beloved Assar who I got in 2016.